Mindful Eating for Healthy, Happy Living 
-- 3 Hour Workshop--

Sunday 17th February 2019

10am - 1pm

Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan County Dublin

45 per Person or €70 for two


You, if you are in an ongoing battle with your weight and food;

You, if  you 'Start Again' every Monday, trying to 'Eat Healthily;'

You, if 'Eating Healthily' often means feeling hungry during the day, then overeating or even bingeing at night;

You, if you TRY to eat healthily but find yourself craving all the "wrong" foods;

YOU! If you blame yourself for having no willpower, and keep 'starting again', only to end up in the same place!

If you've got this far and you are still reading,  I'll also bet you're an "All or Nothing" person, so when the wheels fall off the bus, that's it - you go into a Food Free For All for the rest of the day, or even the week (!) before starting the whole cycle again...

It's exhausting. It is stopping you from enjoying your life, enjoying time with friends and family, and you are certainly not enjoying food!


Q: Which Element of this workshop was most useful for you?

A. Being in a group of like minded people was hugely helpful;

A. Understanding the science behind overeating;

A. Understanding the way the brain and 'autopilot' work very helpful, learning that its not me, its my brain!

A. Talking about what triggers your craving and what comes from that;

A. I enjoyed the Nourish v Punish principle, I felt like it gave me permission to enjoy food again as opposed to battling against it;

A. How the brain works and how what I'm doing produces dopamine was a complete shock to me!

A. I enjoyed the self-compassion piece and it really showed me how badly I feel about myself and why treat myself the way I do;

Mindful Eating covers several key areas of a healthy, balanced relationship with food.

If you are 'always on a diet', you are not listening to your body and what it wants/needs, instead you are listening to a voice in your head reciting 'Food Rules' at you all day long! 

If you regularly overeat or eat for emotional reasons, especially at night, you are usually doing this on 'Autopilot' - it can literally feel like an out-of-body experience. This is Mindless Eating!

If you push yourself to exercise a lot simply to try and lose weight or control your weight, you are not listening to your body and what it might need more of by way of self-care, especially if you don't even particularly enjoy the exercise you do - this is punishing, not nourishing!

If you can relate to any of this, then you need to come to my workshop! Mindful Eating for Healthy, Happy Living gives you a new way to look at your relationship with Food, Weight and your Body.

Come along, bring a friend, and find out how to make 2019 the year you learn how to Eat More Mindfully!

What You'll Learn:

  • Willpower Vs Skillpower - why willpower alone will NEVER stop you over eating, and what will;
  • Foods and Moods  - because sometimes it is not hunger that drives your eating;
  • Understanding Habit Loops and Being Able to Break Them - snapping out of Autopilot;
  • Self-Compassion & Loving Kindness, How They Help - because when you treat yourself better, you WILL eat better!

I cannot wait to meet you and share my knowledge and expertise in helping you learn how to Eat More Mindfully!


Emma Murphy MIACP

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