Find True Freedom from Emotional Eating

and Binge Eating with our specialist

Online Program

Eating FreelyTM

An Online Program for Emotional Eating and Binge Eating

If you are 'always on a diet', you are not listening to your body and what it wants/needs, instead you are listening to a voice in your head reciting 'Food Rules' at you all day long;

If you regularly overeat/binge or eat for emotional reasons, especially at night, you are usually doing this on 'Autopilot' - it can literally feel like an out-of-body experience. This is Mindless Eating;

If you push yourself to exercise a lot simply to try and lose weight or control your weight, you are not listening to your body and what it might need more of by way of self-care, especially if you don't even particularly enjoy the exercise you do - this is Punishing, not Nourishing.

Eating Freely is NOT a Weight Loss Program, it is a GUILT loss Program. Throughout the program, we focus on the Three F's:

  • Feed Yourself Properly;
  • Forgive Yourself Quickly;
  • Focus on Health & Wellbeing, not Weight Loss, as the Goal.

If you know in your heart that the real problem is not food, and another diet is not the answer, then our program is for you. Developed over 10 years of working with clients who struggle with food, weight and body image, this program comprehensively addresses all aspects of a disordered relationship with food, setting you FREE from guilt and shame around food, and themselves, FOREVER.

Eating Freely is Built on 4 Pillars of Support:

  • CBT Tools that will help you reduce bingeing and emotional eating STRAIGHT AWAY;
  • Nutritional Rehabilitation to help you restore your gut to full functioning as soon as possible – this is critical if you want your mood to improve, anxiety to reduce, energy levels to increase and you overall physical health to get better;
  • Neuroscience, which will explain HOW your brain works, and why Willpower alone will NEVER work for you (and why diets do not work either!);
  • Mindfulness and Self-Compassion, which brings you fully into the energies that are truly holding you back. When you learn how to TREAT yourself better, you will naturally begin to EAT yourself better. I see this happen all the time with my clients and I KNOW it works.

What Are My Options?

Eating Freely is so much more than 'just another online program'.  You can try it out with no obligation, and if you continue to signing up, there are two levels of support available, depending on what you are ready to commit to.

The First Session - try us out - FREE.


One video sessions of our Online Program and a  CBT Tool designed

to help you reduce your emotional or binge eating episodes immediately.

Self-Directed Online Program Option

Fee: €195


15 Comprehensive Video Sessions to work your way through at your own pace - each session is the equivalent of one full Therapy session;

Downloadable exercises and worksheets, meditations and further reading recommendations.

We know some potential clients are 'not yet ready' for interaction or full support, so our online program can be completed by you without any expectation to interact or engage with us - and that's ok.

*NEW* Online Group Program Option

Fee: €695

Special Offer! Be one of the first 25 sign ups and get a €200 Discount - only €495!

You may not be ready for one to one work, or it may not be in your budget, and that's ok. But you may also know that you need support and accountability to complete an online program, especially with this tricky and longstanding battle you've had with emotional and binge eating. So we have an Online Group option where you get both the Online Program PLUS additional valuable support from an Eating Freely Therapist and other Program Participants.


15 Comprehensive Video Sessions to work your way through at your own pace - each session is the equivalent of one full Therapy session;

Downloadable exercises and worksheets, meditations and further reading recommendations;

A 90 minute Nutritional Rehabilitation Consultation (online via video) with one of our Eating Freely Registered Nutritional Therapists;

Monthly Live Online Group Q&A Sessions with an Eating Freely Therapist - plus access to recordings of these sessions.  

6 Months Membership of Emma Murphy's Secret Facebook Group for 24/7 personalised support from Emma and others completing the program. (See below for a sample of how this group works!)

Group Therapy for Eating Disorders

The Big Leap Option - One to One Therapist and Nutritional Rehabilitation Support

Fee:€499 per month for three months.

This program is available both in person or online with a Certified Eating Freely Therapist. See below for in person locations around Ireland.


12 x 50 minute one to one sessions with an Eating Freely Therapist, online via video or in person in Ireland;

A 90 Minute One to One Consultation with an Eating Freely Nutritional Therapist, online or in person, to develop your personal Nutritional Rehabilitation Program and 'Eating Plan for Life', 

One further follow up session with your Nutritional Therapist to check in, customise your plan and ensure you are on track with your food and gut rehabilitation; 

Membership of the Eating Freely Secret Facebook Group for 24/7 support from other members and me, Emma Murphy - I personally moderate the group as you can see from the FB Live video here!

Lifetime access to an online program summarising the theme of each session, with downloads, meditations and further reading recommendations.

If you wish to enquire about this one to one program, please feel free to book a free, online consultation with me to chat it through and ensure it is the right option for you.

To find out about working with an Eating Freely Therapist in person, click the button below. We have Therapists in Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Waterford, Cork, Athlone and Tullamore.

12 Week Eating Disorder Progam

Fancy a Sneak Preview of what happens in my Secret Facebook Group? Here's a FB Live I did for members earlier this week: (April 2019)

Make this investment in yourself, and commit to breaking FREE from guilt and shame around food and your weight, forever!

A question I ask regularly is, "if I could wave a magic wand, how would you like your life to look in 12 months time?"

If you truly commit to my program and do the work over the next 4-6 months, whatever you answered CAN be your reality.

Client Testimonials

Current Client One to One Program (April 2019)

"Great to have the Facebook Group as I was struggling a bit this week for the first time since I started (7 weeks ago) so the timing was spot on. I’m spreading the word to my friends, I hope it will help the program to grow because it’s great!  Warm wishes, Lisa (52).  *Lisa has since recommended two friends of hers - one in the USA and one in Canada who are now both working with Eating Freely Therapists Online.

Current Client Online Group (May 2019)

"Just completed week 2 of the video program. I found it very helpful to have a look into the future and seeing both options of what the future may hold. I completed the accountability questions too, not sure If you will make any sense of them but I found it all helpful 😉.  

One question you asked is “if I magically lost all the weight, what would other people think of me”?  Before my every thought was “what will people think about the size I am”? I used to find it debilitating, I didn’t want to leave the house. It makes me feel so sad that my thinking went there!!!

Now, MOST OF THE TIME I honestly don’t think people could care less what size I am, I feel they are all so busy thinking of themselves and their dramas. Not sure how or when my thinking changed so dramatically but I am so grateful it has 🙏🏻. Thanks for your help so far". (Rachael, 47)

Former Clients

I am in a much better place than I was this time last year and I feel a sense of freedom at times. I can manage to sit with and identify different emotions now which I could never do before. I never allowed myself to feel uncomfortable in my own head and I used food to numb my emotions.   The exercises were sometimes difficult but they did manage to focus my mind and delve deeper than I ever had before.”  Katy, 34

I have now finished the course and my life has changed for the better in many ways. I am much more positive, I have hope for the future, whereas before I was staring into a big black hole of despair. I am managing my negative thoughts much better and I think I might even be winning the battle now!”  Maria, 42

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