Meet Emma Murphy 
Founder of the 

"Eating Freely is not just a program, it is a MOVEMENT to fundamentally change our relationship with food and weight, FOREVER".

Hi, I’m Emma, and I am so glad you dropped by!

 "Eating Freely” is a comprehensive program that I developed over 10 years of working with women and men who struggle with food, weight and their body image.

So many clients were caught in a cycle of Diet/Crash/Binge/Guilt/Diet – which never achieved the permanent result they so desperately wanted – to feel comfortable in their own skin. In fact, going on diet after diet with no permanent success caused more stress and misery in the long run. 

 Once I began to see the common patterns and common personality traits between my clients, I began to develop a way of working that helped everyone by addressing these specific patterns and traits, and this is how “Eating Freely” became a structured program.  

The common pattern is:

  1. Start a diet or ‘Eating Healthily’ – which involves trying to stick rigidly to a long list of food rules;
  2. Be unrealistic about being ‘good’ – because all my clients are all or nothing, black/white thinkers who are doing it all right, or all wrong;
  3. Fall off the wagon by having just one biscuit/muffin or other ‘forbidden food’;
  4. Allow this to spiral into a ‘free for all’ day/several days/week or more of over eating and bingeing;
  5. Start the Diet or ‘Eating Healthily’ again on a Monday.

 This pattern, for the majority of my clients, goes on for YEARS. It might get changed up every now and again by re-joining a group like Weight Watchers or Slimming World, or paying a far higher fee for some sort of ‘Bootcamp’ weight loss program, meal delivery service, etc.  Ultimately that would fail too, and the client returns to Square One.

The common personality traits are

  • An ‘All or Nothing’ thinking style, so you are either doing it All Right, or All Wrong;
  • A very strong, loud Negative Critical Voice in your head, telling you constantly how rubbish you are;
  • Almost always a ‘People Pleaser’, putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own; 
  • Very rarely asking anyone close to you for help or support, because you fear rejection and judgment;
  • Often hating your body, and hating yourself, or at least feeling you are ‘not worthy’ or do not deserve to be happy. Strong words, but true for so many clients;
  • My clients will tell me they have struggled with weight, food or their body image for many, many years, often remembering the problem starting in childhood or their teens. So there is a strong emotional component to the problem, at some point, they learned how to use food as a comfort, to ‘self-soothe’.

 When you put all of this together, how on earth can you believe that something as simple as a calorie controlled diet will solve the problem?

Our program is based on the Three ‘F’s :

Feed Yourself Properly;

Forgive Yourself Quickly; and

Focus on Health & Wellbeing, not weight loss, as the goal.

 This sounds deceptively simple, but for my clients it can sound like a mountain to climb, because it is so far away from how they function now.

 The transformation Eating Freely brings about is not in your diet, it is in your MINDSET. Only then will you truly break free from guilt and stress around food, forever. As for weight loss? Well, that’s a happy side effect, because when you learn how to TREAT yourself better, you will EAT yourself better – physically, psychologically and emotionally.  

Because my program works, and because it is unique in what we do for clients, I have been under serious pressure to see all the clients who want to work with me for the past couple of years.  So this year, I have begun to train other fully qualified, experienced therapists like me, in my Eating Freely Program.  I also redeveloped my Award Winning Online Program for Bulimia and Binge Eating, now available as an 'Eating Freely' Self-Directed Online Program - with Personalised Support.

 Now I have a team of Certified Eating Freely Therapists all around Ireland, and Online, who can help you break free from this cycle with my 12 Week Program, specifically developed to help people like you break free from emotional eating, Binge Eating or Bulimia, FOREVER.

I cannot wait to have you join our Movement, and help you break free so you can get busy living the life you deserve.



Emma Murphy MIACP

Certified Eating Disorder Specialist