'Eating Freely’ 12 Week Program for
Emotional Eating and Binge Eating in Athlone and  Tullamore

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Eating Freely is a structured, time limited program with all the support you need to help you get on track, and STAY on track – physically, mentally and emotionally. Once you have been linked with your Therapist to work with, you will attend your first four sessions WEEKLY.

After each session you attend, you will receive an email containing a video which will remind you of the theme of your session, and a downloadable version of whatever exercise or tool your Therapist gave you that week.

Between weeks 2 and 3, you will also have a 90 minute consultation with an Eating Freely Nutritional Therapist - either in person or online. This comprehensive session will give you both guidance on rehabilitating your gut (because all our clients' guts need a bit of help to get back on track!), AND put together your nutritionally dense, personalised Eating Plan for Life - which will take into consideration any other health issues you may have from IBS or leaky gut, to fibromyalgia or an underactive thyroid, and anything else that needs to be addressed.

After four weekly sessions with your Eating Freely Therapist, you will move to fortnightly sessions, giving you more time between sessions to put your learning into practice.

You’ll also have access to our Private Members Forum and Closed Facebook Group for additional support from other program participants, and Eating Freely Therapists to answer questions, give feedback etc.


What a gift to give yourself this year, the gift of true FREEDOM around food, FOREVER!

The problem has never been that you just cannot stick to a diet, or you just haven't found the right diet, the problem IS dieting.

Dieting sets you up for a 'deprivation' mindset, the feeling of 'I can't have...' or even 'I don't deserve...';

Dieting tells you every single hour of every day that you are "not good enough" the way you are;

Dieting reduces your entire self-worth to a number - on a scale, or a label;

Dieting TRIGGERS bingeing and overeating. FACT.

Dieting never works long term. If it did, you wouldn't have to keep going on a diet!


"Eating Freely" is a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Nutritional Rehabilitation, Neuroscience and Mindfulness, interwoven over the course of your program to give you a great toolbox of resources you can begin using straight away, and continue to build on after you finish working with your Therapist. 

  • CBT Tools and Resources give you concrete, usable tools that help you significantly reduce bingeing, emotional eating and overeating episodes - straight away;
  • Nutritional Rehabilitation – When your gut has been abused the way our clients’ guts have been abused, it contributes HUGELY to the ‘brain fog’, lack of motivation, low mood and completely skewed hunger/not hungry cues.  Your individual 90 minute consultation with an Eating Freely Nutritional Therapist is a critical component of the program as it will significantly support your better physical and mental health;  
  • Neuroscience education will teach you how your brain works, why it can be your worst enemy when trying to change or break bad, unhealthy and unhelpful habits, and how you CAN break free of both your old behaviours, AND dial down that negative, critical voice in your head;
  • Mindfulness & Self-compassion brings you back into the present moment, where you can choose to behave differently, challenge your unhelpful thoughts, learn how to calm yourself and reduce anxiety - which in turn reduces your episodes of emotional eating and binge eating.  Self-compassion is also key - our clients are very hard on themselves, and that inner critical voice does NOT motivate you to change, in fact it usually triggers you to eat! So learning how to replace that critical voice with kindness and compassion is very much part of the work we do.  When you treat yourself better, you are more likely to EAT better - FACT.

'Eating Freely' truly is a unique opportunity to finally break free from the cycle of restricted/diet led eating, and bingeing/overeating, and FINALLY learn how to eat well, with no deprivation, in a way that truly supports health, wellbeing AND weight loss in a very healthy, SUSTAINABLE way.

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